Pay Weekly Carpets, a Life-Line in a Cost-Of-Living-Crisis

Many ordinary, hardworking individuals, couples and families are struggling to cope financially through this tough Cost-Of-Living-Crisis that we are all living through.  Energy prices and the cost of everyday food products are continuing to rise, mortgage rates and rental costs are climbing and fuel remains at an all time high.  Juggling bank accounts at the end of every month so that essential bills are covered is common practice. Affording to pay for large items of furniture or new carpets during these times can be extremely difficult for many individuals, couples and families.   However, there is a now a way to pay in instalments for a new carpet with an innovative, forward-thinking, reputable, professional, supplier such as who specialise in providing, affordable, Pay Weekly Carpets, offering a Life-Line to all those who are struggling financially.

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With no Interest Charges and affordable weekly increments even those hardest hit by this financial crisis are able to manage, when new carpets are desperately needed. Threadbare and worn out, your old floor covering is now a danger and needs to be replaced before somebody trips and falls, seriously hurting themselves!

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Don’t just survive this Cost-of-Living-Crisis and feel like you’re hanging on by your fingernails, if your Home needs a new carpet then go ahead and order one.  By paying small weekly, affordable instalments with no extortionate Interest charges added on, you really can have the new carpet you need NOW.

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