Why Using Land for Solar Farms Helps the EcoSystem

One of the biggest challenges that the world needs to overcome is the need for renewable energy sources to put a stop to the devastating consequences of climate change. One of the most popular forms of renewable energy with householders in the UK is solar PV.

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In order to provide this type of energy on a large scale, solar farms have been set up in some areas to enable a larger amount of solar power to be produced to provide the local area with electricity. One of the other huge benefits of these solar farms is the fact that they are a great way to support the local wildlife and help to promote biodiversity.

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By using land for solar farms, the land can remain in a natural state, allowing for a wide range of species to flourish on it, something that is not possible with many other types of land use, from agriculture to housing.

However, solar farms do not need to make changes to the environment in order to function, so they help to provide rich and biodiverse habitats for many important species including pollinators like bees, butterflies and flies.


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