A Guide to the Best Sweater Materials

A sweater you wear once and never wear again costs you the price of the garment per wear — but a well-made, long-lasting crew neck could last years and keep you warm every time you put it on. Buying the right materials is key to making your money stretch further. A guide to the best sweater materials will help you find the perfect fit and style that will keep you cosy for seasons to come.

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Wool is the natural material of choice for most sweaters, and for good reason. It’s naturally water-resistant, breathable and durable, making it the ideal layer to protect you from cold weather. Wool also has a bit of give to it, meaning it’s more likely to move with you as you work, run or play, rather than feel constricting or rigid. For a range of merino wool sweaters women, go to www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/womens-aran-sweaters/womens-merino-wool-irish-sweater

Synthetic fibres, like acrylic and polyester, are used in many sweaters as well. While they’re not as soft as the natural stuff, they offer other benefits, including being a lot cheaper to make and easier to care for than some of the more luxurious natural fibres.

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When shopping for a sweater, look for one that’s predominantly made of natural materials with a little room in the mix for synthetic fabrics if necessary. Look at the level of detail that a retailer offers in their product description about the fabric composition, and be wary of any that don’t divulge the exact percentage of each material. A ‘cashmere/cotton’ blend might actually only be 30% cashmere, for example, and that will impact your price point and overall quality.

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