Methods of growing olive trees in pots

If you are a gardening fan and want to add new plants to your space, the olive tree is one of the best options. Thanks to its beauty, it has become the favorite of many to decorate their homes and the best thing that this tree offers is that it can be planted in a pot. If you did not know this and are interested in giving a Mediterranean touch to your space with an olive plant, in the article, we bring you everything you need to know for growing olive trees in pots.

Growing olive trees in pots

The olive tree is known to be a very large tree, which is planted to obtain olives, which will be the raw material for olive oil in all its presentations. However, there are several species of this plant, which are raised for small spaces and do not generate fruit.

Normally, the olive tree is very adaptable and can be maintained in any climate, however, cold climates are not advisable, since they dry it, that is why cultivating them in pots or small containers is ideal.

The best option to start with your plantation is to fill the pot with earth or small stones, since it needs a rocky soil to stay healthy. In the same way, it is essential that you have space so that you can drain the excess water.

The best thing to do is to grow the olive tree in the spring or in a season where it is a little warm to avoid its dryness. Although they are plants that resist the cold, it is not advisable to expose them in excess to this type of climate.

Care of the potted olive tree

Growing this plant in garden containers requires a lot of care to keep it in perfect condition. Although they are not as rigorous as those of the tree itself, they are strictly necessary for the olive tree to grow healthy. Among these care and maintenance of the potted olive , we can highlight the following:

Protect it from the cold.
Choose a clay pot.
Nourish the soil.
Moderate watering.
Avoid the cold.

This is a really important issue that should be taken into account when caring for an olive tree in a pot, since its potted species requires living in higher temperatures and is more susceptible to cold climates.

It is best to keep it in a window where the sun is shining or in a garden area that receives heat directly for at least 6 hours a day. Similarly, there are varieties of this plant that are even more sensitive to low temperatures, therefore, if you live in a very cold area, it is not advisable to opt for the olive plant.

If it is winter season and there are temperatures below 0 ° C, the best option is to keep it indoors, near the heating, where it receives a fairly moderate heat or under artificial lights to maintain a balanced ambient temperature.

Choose a good flowerpot

Although it may seem of little importance, when it comes to caring for a potted olive tree, the container material can represent the success of our plantation.

It is best to opt for clay pots, preferably thick to favor good drainage. Choose plastic containers, specifically for this type of plants is not the best option, because they retain too much water.

Potted olive substrate

The olive requires a soil with a rocky texture to be able to live, therefore, it is advisable to use exclusive land for pots and mix it with small stones to nourish the soil and help create a drier surface. House cleaners of keep every surface clean in North Carolina homes. In this way, the olive tree can efficiently grow.

Including stones and maintaining a moderately dry soil will help drain excess water, an essential point for the olive plant to remain healthy.

Watering the olive tree in a pot

For being a plant that lives in the heat and that is excellent to resist the drought, it does not require a lot of water to be able to maintain and develop properly. Therefore, it is not necessary to water it constantly.

Water them when the water level is low, usually about 3-4 cm from the surface. This will help the Olive not saturate, drain more efficiently and, therefore, grow much faster.

An olive plant is an ideal option for people who want to give a different touch to their garden; It is beautiful and does not require much care so do not hesitate to have it in your home.

Bruce Curtis

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