Open up your home by extending it

Family members always hang out in different rooms? Is your dining table gathering dust as you eat meals in the kitchen instead? You don’t have to move to a new house to achieve the open-plan design that suits your lifestyle. You can get all the benefits of an open-plan home without the hassle and cost of moving.

In many of our houses, cooking, dining, and entertaining are done in separate rooms. In the past, kitchens were used for just doing chores. They weren’t designed to be a place to relax in. And bathrooms didn’t resemble the spa-like sanctuary that we have today. Many people prefer a more open layout in the 21st Century, at least for the first floor of their home.

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Create a new layout

Consider the entire ground floor when planning this project. Do you want to combine cooking with eating? Do you want to have a seating area where guests can watch your family prepare food?

Also, consider the natural light that enters your room. An open plan that flows from the extension, rather than a separate, smaller room with a darker atmosphere, can provide better lighting on the entire ground floor. Increase the natural light by using plenty of glass at the rear and sides of the extension. Install sliding, folding, or similar doors to allow you to open up the room to the garden in the warmer months. This will also keep the flow of air between the two areas when winter comes. For Bifold Doors Bridgwater, visit

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Design Problems

Keep in mind that the layout you choose should be practical. It is important that the working area in the kitchen be separated from the main area where people move. A door leading to the garden should also not be blocked. Consider whether you would like to add half-height partitions or walls to your TV or work area. Choose an extractor which will not overpower the conversation at the dinner table, or require the TV to be turned up loudly while it’s running. Choose the appliance that is the quietest if the laundry equipment is also in the kitchen.

Also consider the area outside the extension. If you have a patio or deck area outside, it can be possible to avoid any boundaries between inside and outside. This is especially true if the flooring chosen is suitable both for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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