What is Soil Made Up of?

Soil is the organic material that makes up the surface of the earth and all the plants and animals that live in it. The types of material that makes up the earth’s surface can be many different things such as mud, rock, sand, clay, and many more. The organic materials that make up the earth’s surface are referred to as soil, and this is what makes up your lawn, garden, field, and whatever you decide to trowel over. Soil is a very important part of life on Earth, and it is important to know what soil is made up of so that you can fully understand how to care for it.

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Soil type refers to the texture of the soil, and this is determined by the amount of water it contains and the kind of organisms living in it. Soils with a good amount of organic matter (dirt, dead plant material, etc) will be low in pH and therefore suitable for many different types of plants and animals. On the other hand, soils with too much organic matter can be too acidic and its pH level can be too high, which is unhealthy for many different kinds of plants. Soil type and pH are related because one affects the other. For help from a Soil Remediation Company, visit Soilfix

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So you now know what soil is made up of. Whether you want to grow crops or use land for construction, it’s important to know which type of soil you are dealing with. When you want to know what soil is made up of, it is time to start looking at your soil and making sure that it has the right ingredients for healthy plant growth.


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