Workshop Organizing Tips

Your tools deserve to be organized. However, even the most diligent handyperson can let their shop get a little cluttered at times. Rather than give up, take action and make your workspace a place where you enjoy spending time.

Keep reading to learn a few simple organizational tips to get your tools in line. Do not settle for a messy garage or basement workshop.

Utilize Magnets

Magnets are handy for organizing because so many of the small things that tend to go missing are made of metal. Consider buying a Magnetic Tool Vest to keep loose screws and wrenches handy while on the job. Install a magnetic block on your shelf to hold various paint scrapers and small hand tools.

Install a Belt Rack

If you have a bunch of wrenches lying around, it does not take a lot of money to organize them. Buy a cheap tie or belt rack and screw it on your bench or empty wall space. Now you can easily manage your metric and standard-sized wrenches without ever having to track down the one you need again.

Build a Foam Ball Bracket

Another cheap tip is to utilize simple foam balls you can find at a craft store. All it takes is some construction adhesive and a 5/8 inch dowel. Push the foam through the dowels and attach the dowel to a wooden mount. This is especially handy if you have a painting or wood carving studio because you can keep all of your small brushes and carvers in one space.

Hang a Tool Apron

Perhaps the easiest tip for extra storage is to screw a tool apron to a door or wall. Take a wood strip and fasten it over the tool apron for an instant storage solution.

Storing your tools does not have to be an expensive endeavor. There is a good chance you already have some things lying around that can be helpful for your organizing project. Get creative, and start organizing today.


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