Weston-Super-Mare, the Green Heart of North Somerset.

With a glorious, two-mile stretch of golden sandy beach at its centre, Weston-Super-Mare is fast becoming the Green Heart of North Somerset. With traditional Victorian beginnings this family orientated seaside favourite still has plenty of good old-fashioned favourites on offer.  Donkey rides and fairground amusements go hand in hand with more modern attractions, cafes and restaurants.  The locals of this heaven of blue skies and golden beaches are turning to specialist, local companies such as https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-weston to help them go Green and contribute towards a healthier environment, positively reducing Global Warming and Climate Change. Investing in local, highly qualified Solar Panel Installers Weston, the homeowners of Weston-Super-Mare are quickly changing the colour of the town’s heart from Sandy Gold to Green.

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Providing sustainable and cost-effective heating for all the homes of the town is the mission of these elite specialists and their friendly, professional, experienced team are efficiently working their way through as many homes as possible.  Ensuring the right level of Solar Panels are installed for each individual home so that the maximum levels of the Sun’s awesome power is harnessed to provide each property with more than enough electricity.

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Home to the largest helicopter museum, as well as two cinemas and two theatres, Weston-Super-Mare certainly has plenty to offer its local residents as well as all the visitors and tourists who travel to the town every year in search of its Green Heart.


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