Is your car in the Garage?

Quite recently Car insurers noticed something of a trend. They were finding that statistically the amount of people requesting car insurance were all putting the same thing, or rather they weren’t. They were saying that they kept the car on a drive or a roadside over putting it in a garage. This was confusing for the insurers, but not totally unwelcome as it put the premiums up. Why were people not using the garage’s for what they were designed to do? For example if you’ve gone to all the trouble of having a beautiful Oak Framed Garage you would have thought that a car was the first thing to go in.

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As it turns out we are increasingly using the garage for other purposes than car storage. Why this is seems to be many and varied. One reason for this is the introduction of better secure systems such as chipping and ghost immobilisers. It is alot harder, but not impossible, to steal a car in this day and age.

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The other fact is the wear and tear on a car. The need for grit and salt on the road has dropped dramatically with global warming bringing wetter longer milder winters. This rusting agent was a nightmare for the cars from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. However from the 1990’s onwards cars used carbon fibre in their trims and wings. There is minimal metal in modern cars and so rusting is rarely an issue anymore.

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