Get your Wardrobe Cleared out During Lockdown

Its cold dark and miserable and at the moment we have to stay in. The winter months are always hard but spring is coming and with it hopefully better times. But whilst we are all at home, we may as well do something useful – like organise the wardrobe.

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First it’s a good idea to have an incentive – as well as a neat and well organised wardrobe that will reduce the amount of time you need to spend rummaging around for clothes to wear in the morning, you may have your eye on a certain item of clothing that you want, like this Tommy Hilfiger menswear . Use this as your reward to yourself when you have done your clear out, and this will spur you on to get it done.

You can also make some money from your old clothing – be honest with yourself about the things that you no longer wear, and you can sell them to someone who does want them – another incentive for you to do the job!

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If you have clothes that you want to keep but they are not suitable for the current season pack these away in boxes such as underbed storage ready to swap around in the summer. These will be taking up wardrobe space and you will spend time sifting through them when you really don’t need to.


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