Common Problems With Flat Roofs

The roof of a house is one of the most essential parts of its construction. Keeping out the weather, and of course keeping the warmth inside the house when something goes wrong with a roof it can cause all sorts of damage that only a qualified professional roofer like this roofing Cheltenham company Storm Roofing can repair.

Some problems can also  be unique or more likely to occur with a certain type of roof. A flat roof is much easier to build and is still common across the UK, however they are prone to developing certain issues. So if you own a building with a flat roof, here are some of  the things to look out for…

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Leaks – This is one of the most common issues with a flat roof, and is why they are more popular in warmer countries that have less rainfall. With a flat roof the water will not run down a slope but sits in pools and will try to head down and into the house. Get your roof checked regularly for signs of this before it becomes a problem.

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Cracking – In flat roofs that are made from asphalt, over time it can become less elastic and more prone to developing cracks. This is common in older roofs and it means that the roof must be replaced straight away as it is not able to be repaired.

Pressure on the roof – Over time, the pressure put on a roof can lead to damage as they do not have a slope, they have a lot more pressure put on them. This can lead to the roof breaking in places, so it is wise to keep an eye on the roof for signs of this happening.


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