How do trees seek out water

Trees are incredibly important to our existence on the planet.They help to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and convert this into oxygen. Trees also help to prevent flooding in high risk areas and are a source of food for many animals as well as providing shelter.

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Much like any other plant, a tree survives through the process of photosynthesis.This requires the need for sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. The tree will absorb carbon dioxide from the air around it and water from the soil. Trees have incredibly long and strong roots that will seek out water from any area that it can. This can become problematic if you have even the smallest of cracks in your drains as the roots will try to get into this space to absorb the water that flows through it. If you think you have a problem with your drains such as a crack you can use a Drain Lining Company like Wilkinson Environmental to help repair this.

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The tree will then oxidise the water so that it is then released through the plant as oxygen and the carbon dioxide is processed so that it gains electrons and then is turned into glucose which the plant can then use as energy for its growth. Depending on the time of the year the planet may use this energy store up very quickly if it is during the time when it produces flowers and fruits or it may store the energy in non-growth times.

Water is therefore essential for trees to grow and thrive. It is important that they receive the right amount of water for them to grow and produce flowers and fruits. There are hundreds of different varieties of trees and each of these will have different growth cycles and different root make ups. For some trees these roots might be fine and able to penetrate smaller areas and can travel for long distances. There are some basic calculations that look at the spread of a tree canopy and correlates this to how far the roots might spread. Other trees might have very thick, strong roots that help to anchor the tree into the soil.

The types of roots that the tree has will often determine the kinds of soil that the tree can thrive in. If you are looking for trees and other plants to put in your garden, you need to find out what types of soil they like to be in. Plants that have very fine, delicate roots will find it difficult to penetrate hard clay soils and they may also be easily broken and affected if they are left in water logged soil.


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