Don't plant these trees too close to your drains

Our drains are incredibly important in helping us to remove waste products and water from our homes. There are some cases where the plants that we have in our gardens can have a detrimental effect on the drainage pipes and the root networks can cause cracks and holes to appear. Some trees and shrubs can be more destructive that others and can result in you needing to contact a Drainage Cleaning company such as to come in and repair the problem for you.

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Here are some of the plants to avoid having close to your drainage pipes and the specific reasons why.

Holly bushes – these are incredibly beautiful shrubs and are a popular choice for homeowners to have in their garden. However, holly roots will travel into any small cracks and crevices they can find adn this includes the joints in drainage pipes. Once inside the pipes they will carry on growing along the length of pipe and can cause cracks to appear.

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Willow trees – again another popular choice for gardens due to their beautiful foliage. Willows are water hungry plants and in most cases the soil we have will not provide them with enough water so the root network will expand to any areas in which it can seek out moisture and this often includes our drainage pipes. In order to gain access to the water they will cause cracks in the pipes.

Birch Trees – these can grow to an incredible 50 feet high and their root network can be three times the length of the entire tree. This means that unless you have a very large garden space or you regularly prune the tree you will find that the roots will start to penetrate pipework and your property foundations.

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