9 orange flowers

In the world of flowers, we can find them in almost every color and shape imaginable. Usually, the ones that most attract our attention are the bright reds of roses and poppies or the pure white of a tulip or carnation. However, there is a tone halfway between the two that has nothing to envy: orange. Orange flowers can bring a touch of warm and vibrant color to any garden or space, in a tone that we are less accustomed to seeing. If you want to discover 9 orange flowers, join us in this Green Ecology article in which you will see a guide with the names, characteristics, and photos of orange flowers.

Crossandra, one of the prettiest orange flowers plantorange flowers

The scientific name Crossandra infundibuliform is, this small shrub belongs to the family of Acant√°ceas. It has its origin in Ceylon and India and reaches heights of up to 40 centimeters, although in optimal conditions it can double this figure.

If you want to have this plant with orange flowers at home, keep in mind that the Cassandra plant needs a well-ventilated and well-ventilated area, as well as moist soil.

Chinese climbing trumpet, a plant with large orange flowersorange flowers

Other of the orange flowers that most attract attention due to their shape and size are those of the Chinese climbing trumpet plant. Its scientific name is Bignonia Grandiflora and, as the name implies, it is a climbing plant that has its origin in the mountainous areas of Japan and China. Its stems reach 6 meters in length, and are strong and thick, unlike in many climbers. In summer it needs abundant watering and does not withstand frost in winter.

Orange jasmine

Despite its popular name, this plant is not jasmine at all. Its scientific name is Cestrum aurantiacum and it is an invasive species that has its origin in the Americas. It is a shrub that reaches up to 3 meters high, which needs direct sun and ventilated locations with clean air, so it is not suitable for interiors. It produces beautiful orange flowers with the shape of an elongated star, which finally opens up completely.

Calatheaorange flowers

Actually it is a whole genus with more than 100 species, although one of the best known is Calathea crocata. It is a tropical plant native to Brazil, with small leaves but very colorful and very popular for its orange flowers of an intense tone, although there are also some cantatas with flowers of other colors, such as white and yellow, depending on the species.

They do not tolerate direct sunlight or low temperatures but require a certain level of constant brightness. Your soil should be very light and loose, with a lot of drainage capacity.

Hummingbird plant, a plant with deep orange flowersorange flowers

Of scientific name Jacobinia suberect or Dicliptera sericea, it is a very rustic herbaceous, of great resistance and easy care. Its name comes from the fact that it is a plant highly prized by these birds in their original surroundings of Uruguay, in tropical areas.

The orange flowers of the hummingbird plant are of a very colorful and vibrant tone, and thanks to the fact that its flowering is prolonged and occurs several times per season, its ability to give life to the garden is impressive, although it is not suitable for Indoor or for cold climates.

Australian chestnut

The Castanospermum australe is not really a chestnut, despite its popular name. It is a tree native to Australia of evergreen or semi-evergreen in cold climates, which can reach heights of more than 20 meters and produces striking orange and yellow flowers.

Australian chestnut needs very well-drained soils and in temperate areas such as the Mediterranean. It is advisable to place it indoors, in a pot.

Guzmania, one of the most striking orange flowersorange flowers

Its full name is Guzmania lingulata, and it is the bromeliad that offers the most colorful of the inflorescences. These appear in colors ranging from red to yellow, including oranges, with a large number of bracts that are really the most striking part of it.

It is a tropical plant that has its origin in America. It needs moderate watering with a certain level of humidity, and thanks for the abundant but indirect light. As with all bromeliads, it is necessary to spray warm water on them to maintain moisture.

Orange Cliviasorange flowers

Clivias are a genus of plants from southern Africa, although when talking about them. It is common to refer to Clivia miniata, one of its most popular species as an ornamental plant.

The charm of its flowers of striking warm tones adds to the ease of its cultivation, and that is that this plant resists droughts and even the lack of light quite well. On the other hand, it does not tolerate direct exposure to the sun of great intensity. Learn more about the care of the clients in this other post.

Gerbera with orange flowersorange flowers

Gerbera is a plant with more than 150 varieties and in some of them, you can see orange flowers. It is a plant with flowers of many petals that can be of a wide range of colors and different intensities. So you can see gerberas of orange flowers in a light tone.

In addition, it is highly appreciated for offering a very beautiful flowering and for many months. It blooms from spring to autumn. If you want to have it at home, do not hesitate to consult this guide on the Gerbera Plant: care and meaning.

The meaning of orange flowers

The meaning of orange flowers comes, as in many others, linked to the connotations that many cultures give to their color. In the case of orange, it is a warm color frequently associated with happiness. Beauty and positive energy that comes with the arrival of the sun in spring.

Thus, giving or putting orange flowers tends to be interpreted as a sign of good wishes. And an injection of optimism, in addition to also symbolizing the harmony between the material and the spiritual.


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