How to protect plants from the cold

During the winter it is essential to protect the plants from the cold and above all from frost, rain, and hail. Transfer the more delicate ones to the house and opt for a transparent sheet or mulch for the others.


With the arrival of the cold in autumn and throughout the winter. It is essential to protect the plants grown in the garden or on the balcony of the house in order to protect them from frost, rain, and hail. Particular attention should be paid to the most delicate ones including succulents. Especially in areas where low temperatures are maintained for rather long periods of time.


Here are many tips and tricks to protect plants from the winter cold :

  • To begin with, the simplest solution is to transfer the plants during particularly cold days: place them in a sunny place, possibly near the windows. So as to allow the plants to take advantage of the sunlight.
  • Avoid placing plants near heat sources such as fireplaces. Radiators or stoves as they are very affected by the dryness of the air.
  • If you do not have the opportunity to bring the plants indoors. Keep them in the garden or on the balcony but protect them by sprinkling the external roots with small pieces of wood, straw or dry leaves. For greater coverage of the plants also wrap the pot with a jute bag . Alternatively, wrap the jar with the newspaper .
  • If they are resistant plants, protect them from the cold by covering them with a transparent sheet that can also pass the sun’s rays. Also, remember to keep openings in order to favor the exchange of air and avoid the formation of mold.
  • To protect the soil instead opt for mulching or a covering made using materials of natural origin such as hay, pruning residues or dry leaves.
  • As for the watering instead, avoid stagnation in the saucers that could freeze the plant.
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