How to grow plants in water

Glass arrangements are beautiful and can be quite durable! See which species to use and how to do well in this crop

Did you know that some plants can be grown in the water instead of being planted in the soil? I have this craze now. I make wonderful foliage arrangements instead of betting on flowers. They are more durable and amazing: some of them can be grown in water – what we call aquaculture.

With this type of cultivation, the ideal is to bet on glasses of different shapes and sizes. It is worth that wonderful crystal vase that you got from your wedding, as well as bottles of wine, beer, jelly jars and so on. Start making a collection!

After putting your glasses together, put them together and fill them with water. It is also important to vary the type of plant in each container. The result is a real wild in the water.

The most interesting thing is that in aquaculture all parts of the plant stand out: the leaves, the stem, and the roots – since everything is exposed. It is too beautiful! After a while, you will find yourself in love with some roots (is it? Or is it just me who love those exposed roots ???).

Next, I will give you a list of plants that do well in water:How to grow plants in water

  • Chlorophyte (spider plant): it’s beautiful
  • Sinfonia: super durable
  • Boa: grows a lot
  • Aglaonemas: the roots are beautiful
  • Philodendrons and Dracaenas: there are several species and they get along very well in the water
  • Pileas: various sizes and species
  • Nobody can do it with me: be careful with the juice that forms, it’s dangerous
  • And others that I’m still testing – I’ll update you!

To grow a plant in the water you need to wash its roots thoroughly. Then put it in a glass, leaving only the root and the stem in the water. The leaves must not touch the water! The water should be changed once a week or when it gets cloudy. Your glass garden should be in a well-lit place, where there is no direct sunlight. If you need fertilizer, dilute rooting liquid fertilizer according to the instructions on the package and place three drops in each container once a month.


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