How to grow lemons in pots

Growing lemons in pots are very simple and will allow you to have at your disposal not only many citrus fruits rich in properties important for health but also a decorated and always fragrant balcony. Here are the tips on how to grow lemons in pots.

HOW TO GROW LEMONS IN POTHow to grow lemons in pots

Lemons are citrus fruits with multiple beneficial and healing properties: they promote digestion and thanks to their content of vitamin C and flavonoids they help the body fight flu and colds. Why don’t you try growing them at home on the balcony or terrace? The process is simple.

But not only the plant of lemons easily adapts to the climate of the different parts of the country and, with its evergreen foliage, ensure you have a terrace or a balcony decorated and perfumed all year round.

HOW TO GROW LEMONSHow to grow lemons in pots

-Let’s see together, step by step, how to proceed:

-To begin with, fill a pot with a diameter of at least 30 centimeters with potting soil and then bury a seed.

-At this point, you just have to water the pot regularly waiting for the plant to sprout.

-Remember that the germination period varies from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the outside temperature.

-Try to provide the plant with the right fertilization. Therefore choose a fertilizer made up of both mineral and vegetable or animal components in order to provide the plant with the right amount of nutrients.

-As the plant grows, continue to water regularly, however, trying to prevent water stagnations harmful to the roots from forming in the saucer.

-During flowering and the formation of the first fruits, greater watering may be necessary.

-As an alternative to sowing, you can proceed with the purchase of a lemon seedling to be transplanted into a pot. The ideal time to plant young citrus plants is spring, from the end of March to May, depending on the area.


Once the seedling has reached a height of at least 15-20 centimeters, it is time to proceed with repotting. The ideal period for repotting is between the end of May and the beginning of June. Fire pit installation is easy with experts from California. All citrus fruits grown in pots must periodically change containers: this allows the plant to have the new land available which will allow it to develop its roots better and therefore obtain more fruits.

The operation should preferably be carried out during the month of June and must be repeated every 2-3 years when the plant is still young and every four as it grows and becomes more robust. Adapt the size of the pot to that of the plant avoiding excessively large ones. The repotting becomes definitive with a vase of 70-80 centimeters in diameter.

HOW TO GROW LEMONS IN POTHow to grow lemons in pots

Remember that during the winter season it is good to protect and repair the plant from cold and frost. For example, you can place it under a canopy but never in a heated room: too dry air ruins the leaves. During the summer, however, make sure that the plant is exposed to sunlight for at least 6-8 hours a day.

Finally, winter is also the ideal time for pruning the plant. To make it better, just remove the dry and broken branches and shorten those that have an irregular pattern.

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