How to grow chamomile

To enjoy a good infusion of chamomile at home we will need a small pot and a bit of skill. We show you how to grow chamomile.

General characteristics:

  • Common name: chamomile
  • Scientific name: Chamaemelum Nobile
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Location: Exterior
  • Flowering: summer
  • Light: Sun
  • Watering: Regular
  • Subscription: every 6 weeks in summer

The infusion of common chamomile is made by adding flowers, dried or fresh. They appear in summer on long stalks of green and lanceolate foliage and are very aromatic when crumble. The chamomile roman or chamomile is the best variety of flowers. There are also others that are used for the lawn but do not produce flowers for infusion.

Chamomile can be grown from seeds or by buying young plants in spring. We can plant in pots of 30 cm based on universal substrate and place it in the sun. Peralta pots to prevent rotting plants in winter and abónala every six weeks in the summer with an organic liquid fertilizer.

Chamomile prefers well-drained soils, from neutral to slightly acidic, and in full sun. The seeds of this plant, whose annual or biannual erect maté acquires an extension of 10 to 38 cm, are grown at any time of the year to grow in autumn or spring. Proliferate by spontaneous germination and, if you want to collect it, you must do it in summer. It is easy to confuse it with other margaritas, so, before collecting it, you should check that it has its characteristic aroma. This is how to grow chamomile.

Chamomile as a medicinal plant

Chamomile is native to Europe, the Middle East, and India and is used for digestive or nervous disorders and for anti-inflammatory ointments. Its flowers are similar to daisies and appear from early summer to autumn. Some varieties have a double flower corolla and, as for the leaves, they are spiked and pinnate and softly aromatic.


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