Growing your own produce in a small space

We often think that growing your own produce requires you to have a large garden or an allotment space and whilst it is nice to have extra space for this, it is not necessary. This proved by the people who have retired to live in Gloucestershire Park Homes who still enjoy growing their own products. Here are some tips on how you can grow fruits and vegetables in a small space.

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Planning – make a clear plan of the types of fruits and vegetables that you want to grow. This could be something that you really enjoy or perhaps you might like to grow something special. Write down all of the produce that you want and then you can look at ways in which you can incorporate this into your small space.

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Containers – container planting is a great way to help make the most of the space that you have available to you as well as make caring for your plants so much easier and time-efficient. These containers can be troughs and planting boxes as well as trugs that you can find specifically for growing vegetables.

Think vertically – you might not have a lot of ground space in your garden but what you will have is vertical space. You can find some nice planters that allow you to use any fence and wall space that you have and you can even use guttering to plant items with smaller roots such as lettuce and radishes.

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