Planting a Tree in your Garden – Three Native Trees to Consider

As we start to see signs of the spring coming, many of us will have the urge to spend some time making our gardens look their best. From clearing and cleaning debris that has spread across the garden over the winter months to treating any issues that plants have, such as this black spot on roses remedy

As we get towards the summer months, we may also start to want to make bigger changes to the garden. Planting a tree in the garden is something that many people like to do, and it is also a great thing to do for wildlife. Trees are known as the lungs of the earth and a few more of them are certainly not going to hurt.

It is best to plant a tree between October and March, so if you are planning to do it before summer comes you should do it soon! There are many different types of trees, and it really depends on the type of soil you have as well as the size of your garden that will help you to decide what kind of tree you might want to plant there.

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Native trees are a good choice, as they do not need a great deal of care and the conditions in the UK are in their favour. They also are great for wildlife and can attract a lot of birds and insects. If you are looking for a native tree, here are a few that you might want to consider for your garden…

Holly – These festive favourites are great in a garden. Their shiny green glossy leaves will still be green when everything else has died in the autumn and winter months, and the berries are a feat for local birds who struggle to find food in the winter months. They are also a great burglar deterrent when planted near your boundary due to their thorny leaves.
When it comes to home buying and remodeling, many people focus on the interior of the house, but don’t forget about your outdoor space! Planting a tree in your garden can be a beautiful and environmentally-friendly addition to your home. Trees can provide shade, improve air quality, and even increase the value of your property. When selecting a tree, consider the size and type of tree that will work best for your space and climate. If you’re interested in learning more about home buying and gardening, visit this link: for tips on how to create a beautiful and sustainable garden.

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Hawthorn – Also known as the May bush, this beautiful tree really does come into its own in May. With lots of beautiful white blossom on display this is a really stunning tree. It is a great one for wildlife too, as hundreds of species benefit from the Hawthorn tree, and of course the haws, red fruits that it produces in late summer and early autumn are a feast for birds and mammals.

Rowan – The beautiful Rowan tree fits perfectly into a smaller garden. Its pretty pinnate leaves become a bright orange in the autumn, putting on a beautiful display alongside its bright red berries. These are popular garden trees and are great for smaller gardens as they do not grow particularly large, and they look beautiful. They are also strongly associated with protection, so it is considered lucky to have a Rowan tree growing near your home.


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