Flowers to Look for on your Walk to Show that Spring is on the Way

Although we are in the middle of lockdown and the world feels quite bleak right now, you only need to take a walk in a local area to see the signs of nature waking up and spring returning – and bringing with it brighter and better days.

Getting out and walking in amongst nature is a great way to improve a low mood and to boost your energy, so get out there, get some walking maps and explore all that nature has on offer – even at this time of year, signs of hope are all around you, and the flowers are one of the easiest ways to spot this.

These are some of the flowers to look out for to let you know that spring is on the way…

Snowdrops -The first to herald the coming spring, these have long been regarded as a sign of hope in the darkest of winters and this year, that feels more appropriate than ever! Look for these jolly little flowers growing along hedgerows and under trees in shady spots.

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Wood Anemone – These pretty flowers are native to the UK and as well as being an indicator of the coming spring, they also tell you something else if you are lucky enough to see them. They can only be found in ancient woodland.

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Lesser Celandine – Bright yellow flowers that bring joy, these flowers like damp places so will usually be found near water and in woodlands where the earth is most damp.

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