How to make a homemade urban garden – the best ideas

The organic food has more and more followers, so it is not surprising that the idea of an urban garden at home is not so far fetched today. If you live in an apartment and want to have your own garden on your balcony, terrace or inside the house. You must take into account some details before starting, such as what kind of planting, what containers to use and in what spaces to place your garden.

For all this, if you want to know how to make a homemade urban garden. Do not miss this article where we explain everything in detail.

How to make a homemade urban garden?

homemade urban garden


When we want to start planting an urban garden at home, we may have a thousand ideas of what we want to plant, but maybe not all of them are a good idea, since it will depend among others on the light received by our home, the space we have and the containers where we plan our future harvest. Therefore, it is better to plant things that will not grow much or need much sun, such as:

Broad beans
Green peas

Home gardens in small spaces?

Generally, the floors in the city are usually quite small, with the odd balcony or tiny terrace. Therefore the best thing to adapt your space and make the most of it is choosing the best containers for your urban garden.

Fruit boxes
Vertical gardens
Wooden boxes

Urban gardens with pallets

The pallets are a good option if you have a considerably large space, such as a balcony or a terrace. There are many ways to use the pallet to create your urban garden. However, we recommend the following.

Wood screws
Plastic mesh for agricultural use
Mountain range
Varnish and bit (optional)

Build an urban garden with pallets step by step

  • Dismantle the pallet separating each piece of wood carefully.
  • Sand the slats to avoid hurting you now or later. If you want to vanish, you must do it at this point.
  • Join the planks forming a “wall”. To do this, put a few together (depending on the height you want your urban garden) and put two small slats in the opposite direction. Next, drive screws into the slats so that everything remains as one piece.
  • In this way you have to create in total: 5 “equal walls” (or 2 of size for the sides, and the rest more elongated), reserve 4 slats to make the legs and another 4 for the base. The result should look similar to the photo shown below.

Another option, however, is not to put legs to our garden and use the pallet as if it were a box.

Urban gardens with wood or fruit boxes

There is also the option to make urban gardens with wooden boxes or fruit boxes. We recommend that they be wooden boxes, since they are lighter, have holes where water can be filtered and allow greater creativity. If you want to know how to make an urban garden with boxes of fruit, pay attention to the following:

  • The first thing you have to do is sand the box to avoid splinters at any given time.
  • Then you can paint or varnish the box to your liking if it is of your interest.
  • Take a mesh and glue it on the edges of the box, so that it is inside the box.
  • Cut the remaining mesh.
  • Then nail nails or put staples inside the box, so that the mesh is well attached to the fruit box.

You will have your fruit box ready to put the fertilizer and plant the seeds. Keep in mind that the water will seep in from below. So, look for a good place in your home, or put something under it so that the water does not expand on the floor.

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How to make a garden in house pots?

Another very simple option to create your own garden at home is to use pots. They can be normal pots or to hang.

You should take into account what you want to plant and the size you will reach when choosing the pot you will use. As with wooden boxes, keep in mind that the water will filter under. Portable ac rental from can be quite useful during California summers. So, if you do not have the dishes that usually come with the pots, you can put, for example, a plate, if the size of the container allows it.

How to make a vertical garden

There are many ways to create a vertical garden:

  1. Hanging pots.
  2. Hanging plastic bottles with a rope in half.
  3. Recessed boxes or elongated pots in the wall.
  4. Buying products specially designed for this in a gardening store.

Having a vertical garden is highly recommended especially if you have space problems in your home.

Other aspects to consider

Other aspects to consider are the fertilizer and water. It is important that the fertilizer is of quality and, to be able to be, ecological. It will be through it that our plants are fed. Therefore, the higher the quality of our fertilizer, the higher the quality of our fruits, vegetables or vegetables.

Afterward, it is necessary to know well the care of the plants that we have decided to plant since some will need more continuous irrigation than others. If you have doubts, you can consult articles on our website looking for the name of the plant of your interest, or by asking at your nearest store.

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