Evergreen plants: what to put in the garden that will last forever

The evergreen plants are all those who, during the winter season, do not drop their leaves and, in summer, embellish with their color the garden of your home.

Thus, at home, in the garden or on the balcony you will always have beautiful lush and green plants. In reality, it is not that they ever lose their leaves, simply the foliar renewal happens more slowly and, therefore, it is not noticed.

In most cases, these are woody plants, such as trees, shrubs, and bushes, present in areas with humid tropical climates or in cold climates. Let’s see together 10 evergreen plants that will last forever.

Evergreen plants: Olive

The olive, also known as olive (Olea europaea) is a very common fruit plant in our country. Its fruits, namely olives, are used to produce the oil to be used in the kitchen or as an ingredient in cosmetics. This evergreen plant can be kept in the garden or on the terrace.

Evergreen plants: Potos

It is part of the Araceae family and is a very resistant plant and is well suited to any environment. Not surprisingly, you can grow it in the garden, where it will reach heights also important, or in the apartment. You just have to be careful where you place it, avoiding drafts. In summer, then, watering must be more frequent, every two days.

Evergreen plants: HelleboreEvergreen plants: what to put in the garden that will last forever

Known by the name of Christmas rose, this evergreen winter plant resists well to cold and frost. This plant is very strong and is sold in pots, can then be transplanted in the garden, but survives well even in pots.

Evergreen plants:  Ivy

Ivy is an anevergreen climbing plant that belongs to the Araliaceae family. You can grow it easily in the garden or on the balcony. It needs very little care and adapts to every occasion, giving you beautiful heart-shaped green leaves.

Evergreen plants: Oleander

The oleander is very easy to grow a garden plant. This shrub grows spontaneously in many areas of the Peninsula, but can also be planted in the garden or on the terrace, in pots.

Its flowers bloom from June to September and their typical color is pink, but there are many variations: from white to garnet, to red. And their scent is strong and intense.

Evergreen plants: Mugo

pine This “Gnome” pine variety is a bushy evergreen conifer. It has a spherical and compact shape with more trunks with a gray court.

The height depends on where it grows, but can also exceed 15 meters. It has thick and dark needles and small pine cones that remain even two years on the branches before opening. The flowering occurs between May and July and it is a lot of yellow and red cones.

Evergreen plants: Ferns

Also, the fern is an excellent evergreen plant to have at home. Very easy to care for is an indoor plant, which can also be grown on the balcony.

The only care for the survival of this plant is its position: choose a shady place away from heat sources. And don’t forget to water it often. They are plants that live in damp places and, for this reason, they need water with a certain regularity.

Evergreen plants:  Rosemary

An anevergreen aromatic plant that will perfume the whole house. Resistant and useful in the kitchen, this plant can be grown in pots on the balcony. The video and the guide to growing rosemary at home, you can find HERE >>

Evergreen plants: Bamboo

Slender, cylindrical empty stem inside with thin and not too frequent leaves. The characteristics of the bamboo are an evergreen plant to create an effect I see I can’t see on the terrace or in the garden. This way you will protect yourself from prying eyes without having to lift walls.


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