Why Care Homes Need a Good Supply of Mobility Aids

There are many types of mobility aids available for people with disabilities, including wheelchairs, crutches, and walking sticks. They can be simple or sophisticated, with or without seats and space for storage or shopping. Many people who are impaired by mobility need these tools to remain independent and reduce the risk of falling. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs and canes are available for purchase or rental at low prices.

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Wheelchairs are an essential part of care in nursing and residential homes. Some facilities may provide wheelchairs or scooters to their residents. However, availability and quality vary between nursing homes. Generally, care homes have a limited inventory of wheelchairs on hand, and they are frequently replenished. Some facilities may also offer custom-made wheelchairs to meet the needs of their residents. A care home should provide wheelchairs for long-term users only after consulting a physiotherapist. For advice on Walking Aids, go to a site such as www.abilitysuperstore.com/collections/walking-aids

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Another reason to keep a good supply of mobility aids in care homes is that patients may be more accepting of a device if it is readily available. Many elderly people value their autonomy and want to retain their independence. If possible, clinicians should focus on multi-functionality and situational use of mobility aids. Involving patients in problem-solving activities can also improve acceptance.

It is important to assess the needs of residents and write policies for them. Everybody is different and what works for one resident might not be suited to another. Having a wide selection of mobility aids can also help reduce the risk of injury in care facilities.


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