What is SEO, and why is it important

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a selection of methods that are used to help websites rank on search engines. There are a number of different methods that are used, and a good Belfast SEO Agency will be able to support you with those that are not only effective but that are not classed as inappropriate by the search engines themselves.

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In order for websites to rank on search engine results, an algorithm is used to determine what the pages of the website are about and whether any keywords are included in the text. There are also lots of technical elements that go into SEO, such as whether a website is mobile-friendly, whether it has a quick loading speed and whether the pages have descriptions and titles. SEO professionals are able to ensure that all relevant elements are included on a website, and they can also build legitimate links to any given website.

When the way that the search engine algorithms work was explained, it was possible to try and fool the search engines through what is now known as black-hat SEO. These methods are often penalised by the search engine. This means that the websites will receive a penalty, and in many cases, this will affect where they appear in the result listings.

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SEO can be completed both on a company’s website and externally, and utilising both of these methods is the best way to ensure that you are ranking as high as possible in a legitimate way.

When SEO is completed on a website, it will include looking at technical elements such as the loading speed of the pages, whether the website is mobile friendly and a number of other factors. It will also include on-page content elements that will include whether each page has a title and a meta-description, if headers are used correctly, and also whether the keywords appear naturally in the text.

Off-page SEO can include having your business placed on legitimate, relevant directory listings and also having interesting articles written that contain a backlink to your website. These articles are not designed to be sales articles but more articles based on interesting topics that relate to the sector that your business operates in.

There are lots of elements to SEO, and it is always best to embark on an SEO strategy with a knowledgeable company like the one mentioned above.


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