Tasks that people living with dementia may need support with

People working in Support Worker Jobs Gloucester way are well aware of the ways in which care workers can help support many different individuals. For some, it may help with daily living tasks, and for others, it may be more ad-hoc support. People who work in specialist areas like dementia, such as those in Take Five Healthcare Support Worker Jobs, will have undertaken additional training to support their clients.

The kind of support that people with dementia can need include:

  • Hygiene – as dementia progresses, the individual may find that they are less stable walking and standing. This can lead to higher instances of slips, trips and falls. This is often why care workers will help support individuals with their daily hygiene, such as bathing and showering.

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  • Food – in the early stages of dementia, an individual may only need minor support with cooking their meals, such as laying ingredients out and reminding them of mealtimes. However, over time this may move to more substantial help, such as cooking meals for them and supporting them with eating.
  • Exercise – as dementia can affect mobility and perception, it is often safer for someone to be accompanied when they go out for walks. Being out in nature can also help with some of the stress and high emotions that living with dementia can cause. There are other exercises such as chair yoga that can help keep an individual’s joints and muscles mobile.

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