Protecting your Home from Burglars in the Winter

The evenings are beginning to become darker now as winter approaches. And this means that criminals have much more ability to be able to get into your home. More hours of darkness provide them with more opportunities to get in and out unseen, so in the winter months you need to pay more attention to protecting your home from burglars.

With Christmas coming up, something that criminals are often on the lookout for is that expensive Christmas present. When it comes to buying gifts, do not leave the boxes outside as burglars will be able to work out what you have in your home. It is also not a good idea to leave piles of wrapped presents under the tree if it is visible from the outside, as this also can make burglars more likely to target your home.

Check that your locks on your doors and windows are working correctly – if you have a dodgy lock that you keep meaning to get fixed, now is the time to do it, as burglars will exploit any weakness in the security of your home. Get a professional like this 24 hour locksmiths Exeter based company to come and do it for you so that you have peace of mind that it is fitted correctly.

Light is something that burglars hate as they don’t want to be spotted, so put security lighting around your home and don’t forget the garden. Pay particular attention to areas that are not overlooked or can be particularly dark as these could be places that burglars take advantage of to gain access to your property.

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The boundaries of your home should also be secure – if you have weak areas, such as a damaged fence, or a gate that isn’t locked, then this can provide an entrance to intruders, so make repairs around the boundaries and toughen up the protection around the garden and the front of your home.

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Outbuildings also appeal to burglars as they can often contain expensive items like bikes and tools. Make sure that sheds and garages are also well protected and locked securely when they are not in use. Even if you are in the house, keep them locked.


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