How to keep your dishwasher clean and hygienic

Having a Fully Integrated Dishwasher in your kitchen can be invaluable when it comes to ensuring that all your crockery, cutlery and cooking implements are clean and hygienic. It is therefore important that this appliance is also kept clean and hygienic and here are some ways that you can achieve this.

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Rinse – before you put any items in your dishwasher you should remove any remnants of food and place these in your food waste bin. Next you should either give your plate or bowl a quick rinse under the tap or use some kitchen roll to remove any sauce or gravy. This then helps to prevent your dishwasher from accumulating all the sauce in the pipes, this can then help to keep the dishwasher clean and hygienic.

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Clean – be sure to regularly clean out your dishwasher. This means cleaning all of the elements inside as well as taking the filter out and giving it a good clean. You can immerse this in some soapy water and use a gentle brush to remove any food items that have become caught in the netting material of the filter.

Disinfect – in order to keep the machine hygienic you can buy dishwasher disinfectant. You will pour the liquid into the machine and run it on a cycle without any items inside. You will be surprised at just how clean and sparkly the machine is afterwards.


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