Getting the sofa in your room right

We spend most of our time in the living room in our homes. If we’re not in there then we’re in the Kitchen. Therefore it is essential that we have the best sofa that we can in the living room. It’s where we’re going to be watching TV, taking calls on the phone, discussing the day or reading a good book. This is why you’d be very wise to look at getting a Vintage Style Sofa. You know that when you sink into that leather or Harris tweed bound Chesterfield you’ll want to feel nothing but comfort after a hard day’s toil.

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What if the sofas are not right? What kind of disaster does this mean? Take for example the case of Martin Crane’s chair in Frasier’s apartment. All around the beautiful rooms are Frasier’s collections of African Art and classy pieces of furniture. For example there is a nice Eames chair in the background behind Martins green red and white monstrosity. It looks completely at odds with everything. Despite this the chair means so much to his Dad Frasier keeps it.

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Things get worse when it falls off the building accidentally. A remorseful Frasier tracks down the original design in Bulgaria and, after forcing the makers to admit they made the design once, he commissions a bespoke new one. Ironically, it became the most expensive piece of furniture in Frasier’s home. Make sure that you know exactly what look you want before you embark on any major purchases.


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