Can double glazing save me money?

Installing double glazing can make your home look better, feel warmer and more cosy and add value to your property. What isn’t as clear is how forking out on installation saves you money. You might be surprised! Here we look at just how much it can save you and how it achieves this for your property:

How much?

Figures from the Energy Saving Trust estimate that an average semi-detached house could save between £85 to £115 on their energy bills by removing single-glazed windows and replacing them with double-glazed ones. The double-glazed windows must have an ‘A’ grade for this saving to apply. If you’re not blown away by this figure, remember that high-quality double glazing will last you around 20 years before needing replacing. So, times those figures by 20, the saving seems more impressive. For advice on Gloucester Double Glazing, visit a company like

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How are these savings possible?

Saving money on your energy bills is possible because of the way double glazing lowers the amount of heat loss in your home. It works like any other form of insulation in that they have a layer of insulation between the panes, reducing the amount of heat that can escape. Single-glazed windows often suffer from condensation, where the cold air meets warm air and produces water droplets. This isn’t an effective way of maintaining the heat levels in your home.

What if you already have older double glazing?

Depending on when your double glazing was installed, modern technology has moved on considerably, and you might not be saving as much money on heating as you think. Chances are your existing double glazing won’t have the same ratings that are currently used, similar to electrical appliances for energy ratings. ‘A’ rated windows will provide you with the most significant heat retention and money saving on your energy bills.

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Older double glazing could fail without you realising it and often gets air trapped between the panes, resulting in moisture and fogginess. You could do it with a repair or replacement if there is evidence of this.

Replacement double glazing makes perfect sense for long-term money saving and a home that feels snug and warm whatever winter throws at you. Aesthetically, your home will also look fantastic, and it’s an ideal way to increase the value of your property.


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