A natural approach to homebuilding

Timber is the perfect material for creating the most unique designs when building houses. Whether you favour rustic and reclaimed or new stylish cladding, timber can produce some of the most beautiful homes. More people these days are seeking innovative designs for their homes and due to new advances in technology, builders are able to explore many new opportunities and it’s an easy material to work with meaning you can be really creative with it.

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Wooden houses are very popular and modern looking and can be designed just like a normal house, small or large. There are many contemporary designs which can look like a luxury residence or even a wooden villa. Blackened timber is another modern style. It stands as a perfect example of how timber can be used for both internal and external design features. The contrast is defined between the dark exterior and the very light internal timber.

Reclaimed timber can be very cleverly used instead of it going to waste. Some barns have been made using reclaimed materials from agricultural buildings that are being demolished. It creates a wonderfully simple yet powerful look and gives the building real character and depth. Find out more about Timber Frame House Kit Prices by visiting https://merlintimberframe.co.uk/

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Using natural materials in recycling creates a home that stays very much in sync with its natural environment and is aesthetically more attractive as it blends in with the nature surrounding it. There are many types of timber species to choose from and finding old timber to upcycle gives real character. Softwoods are easy to work with but will need more treatment and staining. Hardwoods give a lovely natural finish and make beautiful colours as they age.


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