Maintenance needs for your petrol mower

It is clear to anyone who has ever used a petrol lawn mower that it provides the best solution for large gardens and tough to navigate areas. They provide more power than their electric counterparts and offer the tidiest, neatest lawn cutting. However, they work hard doing it and so benefit from regular maintenance. Here are some important maintenance jobs for your petrol lawn mower:

  • Know your mower

It isn’t much fun but reading the manual and manufacturer’s guide for your specific mower is very important. If you want to get the best from your machine, protect the warranty and ensure you are carrying out the right maintenance, spend some time familiarising yourself with the specifics of your machine.

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  • Correct fuel use

While lesser options will likely run in your machine, using the fuel specified by the manufacturer will ensure it runs smoothly, fires up every time and has a good life span. This will guarantee you get the most from your mower.

  • Check fuel and storage

When you are about to use your mower, ensure the fuel is topped up and fresh. If the mower hasn’t been used for some months, fuel can go stale which leads to less than optimal performance. Store fuel in plastic containers and keep them sealed tight in a cool, dry environment.

  • Oil levels

Just as with a car, a mower needs to have good quality oil that is topped up adequately for lubrication. The level can be checked using the dipstick. If the oil is stale, it should be drained and filled with fresh.

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  • Clean air filters

Keeping the engine clear of grass, dirt and stones, the air filters are an essential component and should be kept clean. It is a simple task that prevents problems inside the engine. A new filter should be installed once a year on average. When you need information on Briggs and Stratton Parts, contact a site such as

  • Spark plugs

Spark plugs are essential for preventing stalling, misfiring and overheating. Replacing spark plugs is a straightforward job that can be done at home and these might need replacing once a year in order to keep your engine firing up each time you want it.

  • Blade sharpening

Dull blades are useless on a mower and if yours have become blunt over time, you may need to remove them to sharpen or replace them entirely.


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