How to make a dreamcatcher

Dream catchers have been around for many years, but they have surged in popularity in recent times. They are most often hung up in bedrooms but they can be used as interior decor in any space that you want to use them in.

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Dream catchers originated in Native America and were 5 to 10 centimetres in diameter. They were often finished with leather and a feather was attached to a ring that hung from the dreamcatcher. It was believed that the night air contained dreams, both good and bad. The dreamcatcher was designed to capture the dreams as the entered bedrooms on the breeze and they would capture the bad dreams and release the good ones for us to experience. The good dreams would be released from the centre of the circle whilst the bad dreams would become trapped in the intricate design of the web and once daylight arrived the bad dreams would evaporate.

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Dreamcatchers were hung above babies and children’s beds. A larger dreamcatcher was placed over the master bed so as to protect the entire family from bad dreams and evil thoughts. Today, many people still hang dreamcatchers above their headboards or elsewhere in their bedrooms.

If you want to make your own dreamcatcher you can learn macrame which is a yarn craft that helps with knotted designs. You can find a great Macrame Kit to get started at Here is a brief list of the items that you will need to make your own dreamcatcher.

Wooden or metal hoop – this will be used to create the central circle of your dreamcatcher. You can find these from craft stores and the size you choose will determine how big your dreamcatcher is going to be.

Suede lace or ribbon – this is used to wrap around your chosen hoop. There are lots of other items that you can use to create the covering for your hoop including yarns and material.

Thread – this is used to create the web design in the middle of your dreamcatcher. You can use any thread that you wish as long as it is thick enough for you to work with and flexible so you can twist it around the hoop and make the decorative knots across the web.

Decorative items – traditionally these would include feathers, but you can also find a number of decorative beads that you can place in various places across the web.


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