5 Top Tips for Building an Extension

With house prices rising, many people are deciding to simply add extensions onto their home rather than buying a new house. You may have heard nightmare stories from friends or family about their experience building an extension, and want to make sure you don’t go through whatever hassle they went through. I will help by sharing five top tips for building an extension.

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  1. The number one thing you should do to prevent any problems with your local council, is to get all of the necessary approvals before you start building your extension. Even if you find out that you don’t need planning permission, you will need Building Regulations Approval, so make sure to get that in advance of starting the work.
  2. Get your neighbours on board. Sometimes it can be your neighbours that can prevent you from getting the planning permission you need, so consider having a chat with them first at least to show that you do care about how it will affect them.

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  1. Set a budget and stick to it. It is very easy to overspend, even on smaller projects. Calculate £1,000-£2,000 per square meter and an extra 10-20 % for a contingency fund.
  2. Book a CCTV Drain Survey to check that your extension will not affect, or be in the way of, your drainage system. CCTV Drainage Surveys are extremely important for preventing potential serious hazards. I recommend contacting Wilkinson Environmental.
  3. Choose the right builder and designer. Make sure to meet them and do lots of research before deciding on who to use. This can be the difference between making your dream come true to making it a nightmare experience.


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