12 gardening tools that you must have

We present the gardening tools that any professional gardener should have to facilitate their work and obtain better results in the care of gardens and green areas.

The best gardening tools

Broomgardening tools

Its function is to sweep materials of little consistency such as fallen fruits, dried leaves, cut grass, etc. The Surtek  132051 broom is made of High Impact Polypropylene, which makes it resistant and very flexible.

Brushcuttergardening tools

This tool is ideal for cutting grass or grass in places where a mower cannot access. The Surtek  DG752A petrol shredder has a power of 2.65 HP plus a harness that makes it easier to take anywhere.

Hedge cuttersgardening tools

This tool makes trimming trees, hedges, and shrubs a simple task with little effort. The Surtek  H6024 gasoline hedge trimmer has a 2-stroke engine with a power of 26 cc and antivibration system that guarantee a very practical handling and efficient cuts.


One of the classic and iconic tools of the gardening profession makes clean cuts in the pruning of trees and shrubs. The TSAG12 model has shock absorbers that regulate the closure and ergonomic handles that provide a better grip.

Scissors for all branches

Scissors that provide reach to branches that exceed 2 meters in height. The TRA21 model has a buffer that absorbs shocks.


The use of a sprinkler facilitates irrigation in wide areas in a constant and homogeneous manner. Model 130319 has clips and seals to adjust and regulate the irrigation area, has an angle of 360 °.


Basic accessory of any hose that allows adapting the jet according to the task to be performed. Model 130340 has continuous irrigation safety and ergonomic and anti-slip design.

Hose holder

It facilitates the transfer of hoses to any place with a hose holder. The model 130363 has wheels that provide greater mobility in any terrain and a special tray to store sprinklers, gloves and other objects necessary for the care of the garden.


Take the water anywhere with the use of a hose. The dimensions of this will depend on the spaces where it is usually worked. The model M12S100 has a specially designed fabric to avoid deformations and increase the useful life and resistance of the hoses.

Blows leaves

This tool allows collecting large amounts of fallen leaves in a short time and with minimal effort. The model SAG532 it’s two-stroke engine runs on gasoline and has a speed of 200 km / h.


Groups and collects materials, soil, dry leaves, etc. Using a rake. Model 130656 has a forged head in high carbon steel that raises the strength and hardness of the tool.


Trim the lawn of the gardens with a uniform height in a simple way and investing little effort. You can find a lots of lawn mower for your yard at cheap price. Its ruduce you effort.


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